Training & Development

We specialise in skills development programmes & offer the analysis, design and delivery of training packages.

Our areas of expertise are customer service, technology, management development, sales, bespoke team events, customer satisfaction programmes, time management, presentation skills and new employee induction programmes.

We champion training that makes commercial sense. Retailers use Maidenbower because they don't want to waste their time on training that isn't relevant or that doesn't make a difference to the customer experience.

With a team of experienced consultants we are able to tailor our workshops to meet your specific needs. Maidenbower can step in at any point in your training cycle to introduce the changes you need to maximise your staff's potential and develop your business.

Each member of your store staff is different

We design every aspect of our workshops to meet their needs and provide a stress-free environment for learning.

Our training addresses the current issues that are specific to your organisation, your teams and your workforce. The end results benefit the business as well as the individual delegate, leading to improvements in customer service, productivity, and performance.

Advantages of working with Maidenbower:

  • Convenient and cost-effective
    Arrange your training at times and locations that are convenient to you and your employees
  • No nonsense
    Tailored to suit your organisation's needs and have an immediate positive impact on your business
  • Promoting effective teamwork
    Ensuring the newly learnt skills are relevant to your business and directly transferable to the workplace
  • Created by retail specialists for retailers
    Understanding the retail environment and challenges