Working with Sainsbury's Self Checkout Training & Development

Sainsbury's is one of the UK's major retailers, with 872 stores nationwide and a fiercely competed 16.5% per cent market share of Great Britain's supermarket business.

Known for innovation and extending the customer offer, Sainsbury's was an early adopter of Self Checkout in 2004 and, since then, has been implementing a strategy to roll out this technology across key stores to take advantage of the multiple benefits for store and customer.

A key challenge for the major retailing chain was to develop a training solution to support the implementation of Self Checkouts nationwide. The advantages to the store and the customers of Self Checkout could only be realized if the adoption of the innovative technology was smooth and the staff felt comfortable with the new style of customer engagement in store.


Maidenbower created a series of pragmatic workshops to inform, motivate and involve store staff who would in turn support customers and champion the Self Checkout initiative.

Maidenbower's practical workshops helped develop the best practice and technical skills required. Store staff were trained to offer a differentiated, reliable and customer-friendly service, with emphasis on building rapport with customers.

Modular training sessions were delivered for groups; held onsite with classroom and hands-on training taking place.


The feedback for Maidenbower has been 100% positive. More than 13.500 management and staff have been trained to date and Maidenbower continues to conduct training at stores nationwide.

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